Product Update
December 12, 2023
December 12, 2023

Supabase Integration Update — December 2023

Kobie Botha

We’ve seen many Supabase users implement PowerSync since we released our integration to enable offline-first for Supabase apps on August 10th. To celebrate Supabase Launch Week X, we’ve put together a summary of the latest functionality of our Supabase integration.

We’ve focused on extending PowerSync’s functionality as well as providing guides and resources for Supabase users and we’ve already seen some impressive implementations. For a recap of our initial announcement, watch our showcase event with Supabase’s Tyler Shukert.

Here are the main things we’ve added to our Supabase integration:

JS Web SDK: Offline-first for web apps

You can now add PowerSync to any web framework for instant offline-first web apps with Supabase as your backend. Our JS Web SDK is currently in beta and provides these features:

  • Direct access to the SQLite database — use SQL on the client and server.
  • Operations are asynchronous by default — does not block the UI.
  • No need for client-side database migrations — these are handled automatically.
  • Real-time streaming of changes.
  • Subscribe to queries for live updates.

New implementation guides

We’ve created guides for frequent use cases: see all available guides here or jump to a specific guide below:

Web app examples that work with Supabase

We’ve released two example implementations of our Web SDK + Supabase so far:

Video tutorial: How to build an offline-first chat app [Flutter]

We’ve released a full step-by-step video tutorial on how to go from zero to offline-first using Supabase’s Flutter chat app as a starting point. The finished chat app:

  • Integrates the PowerSync and Supabase client SDK
  • Syncs messages between users in real-time
  • Supports reading and creating messages, even when offline

A written tutorial is coming soon.

React Native offline-first group chat app

With help from Benedikt M, we’ve made a fully functional group chat demo app available. This offline-first group chat app is more advanced than our simple chat app example, with contacts, the ability to create new group chats, and even a typing indicator! Watch our interview with Benedikt about his experience using PowerSync for this and read his blog post.

Flutter offline-first Trello clone

Kanban boards like Trello typically require some sync and offline functionality. For example, you would want to see in real-time if someone moves a card to a different list. Or create a new card immediately when you think about a new task, even if you might be offline. With help from Herman L, we’ve made a fully functional offline-first Trello clone available. You’re free to clone the repo, make your own updates or simply scroll through the repo to see how it works.

Rumors surrounding Launch Week X

Supabase put some wild rumors to rest by providing (much needed) clarity on why there's no Launch Week 9. Their tweet thread exposing the [REDACTED].

That's it for now! Look out for new updates as we explore a deeper integration between PowerSync and Supabase, and join our Discord server if you have any questions.