PowerSync is a JourneyApps product.
JourneyApps is based in Denver, Colorado and has been in business for more than a decade, providing a rapid app platform for industrial companies.

A core part of the JourneyApps platform is the PowerSync engine which enables apps to sync data between a cloud database and local on-device database, for uninterrupted online/offline operation of applications.

In 2022, JourneyApps decided to spin off the PowerSync engine into the standalone PowerSync product (consisting of a sync service and SDK) allowing the creation of offline-first apps that sync data from SQL backend databases to local SQLite on-device databases. The standalone PowerSync product is designed to be framework and database agnostic, with initial support for PostgreSQL used with Web, React Native, Flutter or Kotlin Multiplatform.

The PowerSync engine in the JourneyApps platform has been used for years in production by a number of Fortune 500 customers in industries such as high-tech manufacturing, mining, oil & gas and others. These customers typically have a need to sync a high volume of relational data to users in harsh field conditions, such as remote locations where users are frequently offline. Usage in these kinds of demanding environments has led us to battle-harden the PowerSync engine over several years, and these customers continue to rely on the PowerSync engine for critical daily business operations.

JourneyApps has been granted a U.S. patent for parts of the PowerSync technology.

To learn more about JourneyApps, please visit the JourneyApps website.