November 17, 2023
November 17, 2023

Announcing PowerSync Web Support

Kobie Botha


Today we’re announcing the alpha release of our JavaScript client SDK [1].

With this release we enable web developers to add instant offline-first capability to their apps without a heavy engineering lift or requiring invasive changes to their existing Postgres backends.

As a vanilla JS Web SDK, it can be used within a variety of frameworks including React, NextJS, Vue.js, Angular and others.

The SDK is built on top of our abstracted common TS/JS implementation of a PowerSyncDatabase client. The client is extended with locks, network request handlers and a SQLite database handler. The SDK is bundled with embedded SQLite pre-loaded with our Rust-based SQLite extension — all running in the browser using Wasm.

React hooks

React hooks [2] can be used to automatically re-render React components when query results update.


Our Web SDK can be used in conjunction with PWA technologies to cache pages and bring a truly offline-first experience to your web apps.

Demo App

We have released a React demo app which demonstrates real-time streaming of Postgres data and offline CRUD operation queuing & syncing [3]. The demo app also showcases our integration with Supabase.

We’re available on our Discord if you need any help or have any questions.