Open-Source & Source-Availability

PowerSync client SDKs and supporting client-side packages are open-source (Apache 2.0 & MIT). The server-side PowerSync Service is available under the Functional Source License (FSL).

See Licensing & Terms for an overview of PowerSync editions and licenses.

If you have any questions, join the discussion on Discord.

Server-Side Packages


The backend PowerSync Service responsible for data replication.

Client-Side Packages: SDKs


Monorepo for Flutter/Dart related packages, including:


Monorepo for JavaScript/TypeScript related packages, including:


PowerSync client SDK for Kotlin Multiplatform.

Client-Side Packages: Other


Monorepo for SQLite related packages for Flutter/Dart, including:

  • sqlite_async: SQLite library for Flutter/Dart. Used by powersync.dart and also usable stand-alone.
  • drift_sqlite_async: Drift ORM integration for PowerSync Flutter/Dart client SDK


SQLite extension implemented in Rust that is used by PowerSync client SDKs, providing common SDK functionality.