Postgres<>SQLite sync layer

Build local-first apps with simplified state management and real-time reactivity.
Diagram showing PowerSync as a  sync layer between any Postgres and your app built in any framework.Diagram showing PowerSync as a  sync layer between any Postgres and your app built in any framework.
Tyler Shukert
“PowerSync is really bulletproof — every single kind of interaction that you might have with the data, it's got covered.”
Tyler Shukert
Sebastian Röhl
“Integrated @powersync_ into an experimental branch of @HabitKit. Setup was pretty easy and fast. Really love the developer experience and I'm amazed how good it works 🤩”
Sebastian Röhl
Praful Mathur
Sarama / 5 Gyres volunteer
“It was incredible to work with PowerSync. Probably the easiest thing that we had to do in terms of development.”
Praful Mathur
Sarama / 5 Gyres volunteer
How it works

Plugs into your existing database,
backend and app

PowerSync architecture overview
Visit this website on your desktop to see a demo
PowerSync architecture overview

Build fast, always-available apps

Local reads and writes with a performance-optimized SQLite database make your apps responsive and always available:

Users can access and modify data even when their network connection is unreliable or offline.

No client-side migrations are ever necessary.

// Local queries
db.get(‘SELECT * FROM lists WHERE id = ?‘, [id])

// Local writes
db.execute(‘DELETE FROM lists WHERE id = ?‘, [id])

// Indexing
Index(‘list‘, [IndexedColumn(‘list_id‘)])

// Transactions
db.execute(‘BEGIN TRANSACTION; UPDATE accounts SET balance = balance - 100 WHERE account_no = ?‘; UPDATE accounts SET balance = balance + 100 WHERE account_no = ?‘; COMMIT TRANSACTION‘, [account_1, account_2])

Automatically stream data update events from your backend Postgres to users.

Live queries on the local database listen to changes and update your UI in real-time,

// Flutter syntax‘SELECT count() AS count FROM data‘).listen((results) {
  // update UI
why powersync

Dynamic partial replication proven at scale

PowerSync was spun off from a product that's been in production for over 10 years.
Our sync rules approach to dynamic partial replication is battle-tested at scale.

Diagram showing how relevant rows are organized per user into data "buckets" that stream data to the right clients in real-time.
    parameters: SELECT token_parameters.user_id as user_id
       - SELECT * FROM lists WHERE owner_id = bucket.user_id
       - SELECT * FROM todos WHERE created_by = bucket.user_id

Robust consistency using
server reconciliation

We use a proven server reconciliation architecture with a default of last write wins. Developers
can customize conflict resolution if required, and are in full control of the write process.

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"How PowerSync approach the community and support us is really outstanding.
I've simply never experienced such support."
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