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January 8, 2024
January 8, 2024

PowerSync Update: December 2023

Kobie Botha

Here’s a summary of some delightful things we shipped in the last month of 2023:

Attachments library for React Native

We’ve released this library to make it easy to manage syncing attachments/files in React Native apps using PowerSync. The package includes an example that covers capturing photos while offline as part of an inspection workflow.

Go to the package

Attachments package for Flutter

Following multiple requests, we released a similar package for Flutter that handles syncing creates, updates and deletes of files between local and remote attachment storage.

Thanks to T Drummond for spurring us on here!

Go to the package

Neon (serverless Postgres) support

Neon is a serverless Postgres environment with an innovative pricing model that separates storage and compute. They’ve recently added support for CDC, so we updated the PowerSync service to be fully compatible with Neon.

See the installation docs

Railway support

We've had some developers ask whether we integrate with Railway, so we published an integration guide on our docs site and a Railway Template which pre-configures Postgres for logical replication. The template also includes a barebones starter Node.js project showing off how PowerSync can integrate with existing backends.

Thanks to poolnoodle93 for getting us on this!

Step-by-step Flutter chat app tutorial

For those who like learning by doing, we created a complete tutorial for building an offline-first Flutter chat app with real-time sync and data streaming. The tutorial complements an existing video tutorial and uses Supabase’s excellent chat app tutorial as a starting point.

Start the tutorial

Supabase integration update

Our Supabase integration has grown from strength to strength and seen a lot of use, so we put together a summary of all updates we’ve shipped for it. We’ve focused on extending PowerSync’s functionality as well as providing guides and resources for Supabase users and we’ve already seen some impressive implementations

Read the full update post

JS Web client SDK v0.1.1

This update to the PowerSync web SDK introduces additional support for bundling. It includes two example projects: one for bundling with Webpack and one for bundling with Vite.

Thanks to sg5184 for bringing this into focus!

See the full changelog