Product Update
November 3, 2023
November 3, 2023

PowerSync Update: October 2023

Kobie Botha

We’ve taken big strides since our Beta release on August 10th. We’ve answered the call from Supabase developers to enable offline-first for Flutter and React Native apps. We’ve since open-sourced both of those SDKs. Here are some things we shipped during October…

React Native SDK in Beta

After our alpha release earlier this month, we’ve made it to beta with our React Native client SDK. Works well with Expo.

React Native docs

Use Firebase or Auth0 as authentication providers

In addition to Supabase Auth, Firebase and Auth0 are now supported as authentication providers. Custom auth is also supported. Thanks to Andy G for getting us on this.

Authentication setup docs

Multiple PowerSync Dashboard enhancements

The Dashboard is under constant improvement, here is what’s new:

  • Auto-generating client-side schema from sync rules [h/t Jon H]
  • Support for detecting schema changes and automatically re-replicating tables [h/t Emil Z, Benedikt M]
  • Improved inline validation for sync rules
  • Sync rule validation now rejects SQL syntax PowerSync does not support [h/t Alex M]
  • The Dashboard now lists tables from all schemas, not only public schemas [h/t Andy G]

Try them out

Join the community

Join the PowerSync Discord server to keep updated on the latest releases and discuss topics related to sync.

Join Discord

PowerChat (React Native) and Trello clone (Flutter) now available

Thanks to Benedikt Müller who released PowerChat — a group chat app built with React Native. Thanks to Herman Lintvelt who released a Trello clone app built with Flutter.

See all example apps

Made with PowerSync

Read about our interview with Praful M on how he used PowerSync to make TrashBlitz offline-first. TrashBlitz was built with FlutterFlow and is used in production to track trash collection efforts happening around the world.

Watch the interview

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