Product Update
December 1, 2023
December 1, 2023

PowerSync Update — November 2023

Kobie Botha

Last month we covered substantial ground to get PowerSync out of beta. That included implementing usage metric tracking, stability and scalability testing as well as releasing our Web SDK and updating existing Flutter and React Native SDKs. If you want a deeper look under the hood, our repos are now available under a single PowerSync GitHub org, here.

Here are some major things we shipped during November…

PowerSync v1.0 stable release

Excited to announce that as of yesterday, PowerSync is officially out of beta! A big thank you to all our beta testers and early adopters. Stay tuned for more insights on our journey, system capabilities, and future plans!

Thanks need to go to more than can be mentioned but Tobie K, Bojan T, Benedikt M, Herman L and Francois vdM all deserve special acknowledgement.

Read the announcement post

Web SDK release

Our JavaScript web SDK is now in Beta. The vanilla JavaScript SDK can be wired up to any web development framework. React Hooks are available with similar ease of use enhancements planned for Angular, Vue, Svelte, and Solid.

Thanks to David B (aka Boozedog), Bodok, Anders H, David A, and Francois vdM.

Read the web SDK docs

Usage metrics now available

The dashboard now has a metrics tab showing storage size, sync operations, peak concurrent connections and other usage data. Metrics are displayed per instance and support filtering by period and can be exported to CSV. Thanks to Sebastian R for some early feedback here.

See your usage metrics

More example implementations

We’ve released more example implementations including:

Backend implementations

  • Django (h/t Savana Tech)
  • Node.js (h/t Alex M)
  • Node.js with Firebase auth


  • Attachment helpers for React Native

See all examples

Docs updates

We’ve made multiple updates to our documentation, including:

  • A new page on our philosophy at PowerSync.
  • An explanation of the PowerSync protocol.
  • A reworked and more thorough explanation of how PowerSync guarantees causal+ consistency.
  • A page on performance and limits.

Explore the docs

Flutter SDK now v1.0

Our Flutter SDK v1.0 stable has also been released. The v1.0 release includes updates that allow support for local-only tables, full-text search (FTS) and more. A full-text search reference example will be released soon. listing