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February 1, 2024
February 1, 2024

PowerSync Update: January 2024

Kobie Botha

A CRDT demo app, updated client SDKs and another app built with PowerSync getting approved into the App Store were some of the highlights of a January that has flown by! Here’s the skinny:

Building Collaborative Apps with CRDTs and PowerSync

There’s been a lot of interest in CRDTs lately so we’ve been itching to show how well they work with PowerSync. We released an initial Yjs + PowerSync collaborative text editing demo app which uses the Tiptap rich text editor. It stores the CRDT data structure in Postgres and keeps it in sync between clients in real-time.

Thanks to Andric for spurring us on here!

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JS Web Client SDK v0.2.0

Our web SDK now supports a [.inline-code-snippet]viewName[.inline-code-snippet] override which improves support for local-only tables. We also shipped enhanced support for multiple tabs. All tabs share a common SQLite database and are watched reactively. 

Try our live web demo app

Flutter Client SDK v1.2.1

The updated Flutter client SDK improves the default log output and errors to better assist in debugging. Note some breaking changes were introduced in V1.2.0 — see our full release notes for more details. This SDK also supports local-only tables.

Thanks to Josh S and Carl K for their help!

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React Native Client SDK v1.2.0

We shipped two minor versions of our React Native SDK in January. Updates include global locks for syncing connections, a warning when creating multiple PowerSync instances and improved ability to receive batched table updates from DB adapters. This SDK also now supports the [.inline-code-snippet]viewName[.inline-code-snippet] override which improves support for local-only tables.

Thanks to David B, Husain B and Matt W for reaching out about this!

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Built with PowerSync — Jetpack

Congrats to our friends over at Jetpack Travel for releasing their PowerSync-powered app to the app store! Their stack consists of Next.js and React (through Solito), PowerSync and Supabase

Good luck to David B, Husain B and Matt W!

Check out their landing page and their app

Coming Soon

Client SDKs for Kotlin Multiplatform and Flutter Web are around the corner, stay tuned!

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